26 December 2010 ~ Comments Off on English Sycamore Torzal 5-33

English Sycamore Torzal 5-33

3010 A3010 BHere’s a singing 5 string with a slightly shorter 33 inch scale.  This bass features a red maple/wenge neck with a wenge fingerboard and an english sycamore body.  English sycamore is in the maple family, and although it is hard, it is a buttery pleasure to work.  Somehow it sounds the same–articulate, but warm and buttery–very musical.

This bass now resides in Paris, France.  I don’t know what it is about those Parisians, but this city tops the list for most Torzals in one city!

This is the second bass with the new “shifted” body style.  It also features a one-off set of Little Guitar Works single-string bridges.  The client requested single-string bridges and I was in the middle of prototyping some single-string bridge/tuners for a headless bass.  I still haven’t achieved a satisfying design with the tuners, but I like these bridge.  I appreciate the client’s trust and openness for trying new things.  Of course, that should be said for everyone who orders a Torzal!

3010 D3010 E3010 F

3010 C

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