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Mahogany Torzal 5-34

2810 Body front

This Torzal Standard 34″ scale 5 string was built for a gentleman in Glasgow, Scotland. This was the first bass with a modified, or “shifted” body style. Basically I took my standard body shape, and shifted the scale back towards the body about 1″, bulging out the butt end of the body. By doing this, the nut is brought closer to the body, reducing the reach while simultaneously shifting the center of gravity for better balance, both on a strap and on the leg (sitting position).

2810 Body back

An interesting feature on this bass is an adjustable strap extension on the upper horn. The client sent me a picture of the contraption he had rigged up on his current bass to extend the strap, and this was my solution to meet his wish for a similar result. The strap button is mounted on a brass rod which can extend about 5 inches out from the horn and is secured by two set screws in threaded brass inserts in the back of the horn.2810 C

Other features of this bass include include a mahogany body and a mahogany neck-through with a hard maple center strip.  The pickups are my personal favorites:  Nordstrand Fat Stacks with switchable single coil/humbucking mode.  Inside it has an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp with selectable mid switch and preamp bypass switch.  The knobs are volume, blend, treble, mid, bass.

2810 Torzal 5-34

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