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Blue Myrtle and the Toone & Townsend Bridges

blue myrtle Torzal 5Luthier Rick Toone has been busy developing some very high quality new hardware for guitar and bass, in partnership with Townsend Machine.  He engaged a circle of innovative luthiers to beta test the prototypes before entering into full production.  Earlier this year I tested the individual string bass bridges, and while they have made some changes based partly on our feedback, these prototypes are fantastic just as they are.  In fact, I was so impressed I asked my next client if I could use them on his bass.

Along with the bass bridges, Rick has designed a very impressive new headless tuning system and an intonation adjustable nut/individual string headpiece for headless guitar. Actually Rick has a long list of impressive innovations and creations which you can read more about at http://www.ricktoone.com/. You can find Rick’s report on this blue Torzal at http://www.toone-townsend.com/2011/04/little-guitar-works.html.

sneak peek–fanned fret Torzal!

What’s cool about the bridges are that they are lightweight anodized aircraft aluminum, but the saddles have full contact directly to the instrument body. The saddles are machined titanium, which was found to have the greatest musical qualities of many materials tested.  There are also many advantages of being individual string units, including string-to-string isolation, and flexibility for a variety of uses (string spacing and scale lengths) including multi-scale designs. (Stay tuned for the first multi-scale fanned fret Torzal with the new production Toone & Townsend bridge, currently under construction).


Bass Bridge

As for Blue Myrtle, it’s a Torzal Standard 5-string with a maple/wenge neck, wenge fingerboard, swamp ash body with a figured myrtle top.  Here’s what her owner had to say: “It is beautiful and is an absolute joy to play. The workmanship is  perfect, as I knew that it would be, with you building it.”  Thanks Jim!

blue myrtle Torzal 5

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