Orders & Prices


Most of our instruments are built to order and sold direct. The first step in placing an order is to contact us.

The next step is to establish your order. This means settling on the overall design and details of your instrument. The more you know about what you want, the quicker and easier this process is.

Once your order is established we can give you a firm price quote and an estimated time frame for delivery. A non-refundable 15% deposit puts your order on our build list and we will begin construction. Payments can be made anytime during the construction process (via check, money order, credit card, paypal, or wire transfer), with the balance due in full by the scheduled completion date, or when the bass is ready to ship.





Need to make a payment via PayPal?

For a list of the standard features included in the base price of each instrument model, please see our Instruments page and select the model you are interested in.

Model 4-string 5-string 6-string
Torzal Standard (neck through) $3900 $4100 $4500
Torzal Bolt-On $3300 $3500
Jazz Bass
    Torzal Neck $2900 $3100
    Straight Neck $2400 $2600
Torzal Bolt-on Replacement Necks*
    Fender Jazz $675 $745
    Custom $775 $845
Padilla Bass
   Replica $9000
   Standard Version $6100
   Torzal Custom $5400
   Torzal Bolt-On replacement necks $775+
Non-Torzal Straight Neck Basses
   Neck Through $3700 $3900 $4200
   Bolt-On $3200 $3400 $3700
   J-Bird Bass $5100

*replacement necks for production instruments only.  Price does not include any new hardware.

A note about wood selection: A wide variety of woods are available for your instrument. Most standard wood choices are included in the base price, however highly figured or prized woods may require an added charge. Many good articles, opinions, and discussions of wood selection and the tonal and structural qualities of different species can be found on the Internet. One such article we recommend was written by Kasra Saboktakin and can be found here.  Of course, we are happy to advise you too.

 Custom Options & Upgrades

Non-Standard twist $450 Aguilar OBP-3 $125
Non-Standard Scale $200 Aguilar OBP-2 $100
Custom neck width/string spacing $150 Nordstrand 3-band $135
Custom neck thickness/shape $100 Audere 3ZB $200
Wood Upgrade or special request $150+** Bartolini NTMB-3 $125
Non-Standard pickups or hardware Retail + 10% Tonestyler passive $100
Headless $400 Coil switch $50 each
Fanned Frets (any scale combo) $300 Piezo bridge w/ preamp
Left Handed Add 10%   Buffer & blend control $400
Zero Fret $30 Protec Contigo Case $140
Stainless Steel Frets $100 Custom Hardshell Case $350
EVO Gold Frets $60 Sunburst–Top Only $150
Toone & Townsend Bass Bridge $100/string Sunburst–Full Burst $350
Strap Locks $25 Custom body/design +15%
Bound Fingerboard $225 Wood pickup covers $150
Gold Hardware $60 Wood Knobs $60 plain set (5)
Hipshot Bass Extender $75 $40 stacked set

This is by no means a complete list of options. We welcome any ideas or preferences you may have. Prices are subject to change without notice, but no project will begin without first having a firm quote on the price, and agreement to pay. Please see our Order section above or more information on the ordering process.


All instruments made by Little Guitar Works are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase. Little Guitar Works will repair or replace, at our option, any instrument or part thereof which is found to be defective. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and is not transferable to any subsequent owners and is subject to the limitations set forth below:

Warranty Limitations:

  1. Instruments that have been modified after shipping from the place of manufacture;
  2. Instruments whose serial numbers have been altered or removed;
  3. Instruments that have been subjected to extremes of humidity or temperature
  4. Normal wear or natural cracking of wood or shrinkage of finish;
  5. Instruments that have been damaged due to misuse, neglect, or accident;
  6. Normal wear and tear to serviceable parts such as strings, tuning gears, frets;
  7. Claims from or by anyone other than the original purchaser.

Little Guitar Works reserves the right to use materials regularly utilized or available at the time of repair in the event that original materials are no longer available.

This is the sole warranty of Little Guitar Works. No other written, oral, express or implied warranties including the merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose apply.

Maintenance & Repair Notes

If you are having a problem with your guitar or bass, or have damaged it, please contact us immediately (and first!). We will discuss whatever is going on with the instrument and make a decision on the best way to resolve the problem.

We understand if your regular guitar technician is not sure how to approach certain routine maintenance and set-up issues on Torzal twisted necks. We will be happy to talk any owner or qualified instrument technician through certain maintenance or set-up procedures. We will perform neck and string adjustments on any Torzal neck for free in our shop, and other general maintenance procedures for a nominal fee. If shipping is required, customer shall pay shipping to and from our shop.